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is a freelance writer and columnist

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Geregistreerd op: 24 Okt 2019
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BerichtGeplaatst: 10 Jan 2020 01:50:55    Onderwerp: is a freelance writer and columnist Reageren met citaat

Coming in the mid 2012 Wholesale Jerseys Online , it is one of the most anticipated releases of the year 'Batman 3 - The Dark Knight Rises'. Now for all the hardcore Batman and DC fans, it is going to be one of the major films in the Batman franchise not because of the story wherein the prequel Batman takes the responsibility of the crimes committed by Harvey Dent and becomes a fugitive or the great anticipation of the masked hero's return. It is going to be for the villain.

As you all know in the prequel 'Batman 2 - The Dark Knight' the main villain Joker left a persistent impression in our minds. The quality acting of the maniac Joker with an unmatched empathy just makes us sit and look out for the madness of the character 'Joker'. Portraying the character of the Joker was no icing on a cake for the actor Heath Ledger as the amount of expectation was huge.

Most of us would be knowing that unlike other baddies faced by the cape crusader Batman, the Joker is one of the eminent ones. You cannot underestimate the character of Joker and estimate his madness. This arch villain of Batman is considered an associate of Batman, where the Joker's job would be to create havoc in Gotham City and Batman's job would be to prevent it. You can consider Joker to be somewhat equal to Batman in terms of intelligence and mind games and the Joker has no superpowers like him.

When compared to other super villains or you can say the arch nemeses of Batman like Catwomen, Poison Ivy Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , Scarecrow, etc, no one stands toe-to-toe with Batman. Unlike these villains whose main aim is to kill Batman and destroy Gotham City, Joker just wants to instigate Batman towards the dark side. Batman has the fuel of revenge burning inside him that makes him go day and night to fight the villains and the want to kill them. Joker wants Batman to taste the feeling of the blood of his enemies and show the ecstatic feeling of doing it.

What made Batman 2 - The Dark Knight a really interesting film? Joker, no doubt about it. Ledger knew that it was one of the toughest characters he is going to portray and people are naturally going to expect a performance equal or more than that of Jack Nicolson Wholesale Jerseys From China , the academy award winner and talented actor who portrayed Joker in previous instalments. Sure enough, it was an acting par by excellence by Ledger making him win the academy award for the best supporting actor.

Not to forget the preparation which Ledger had in preparing for the character like locking himself in a hotel room for two months, noting down the lunatic ways on how the Joker would behave and the plans to destroy the Gotham City on his diary, growing long hair, etc. When you watch the film you just get mesmerized with the character of Joker and never feel that Ledger is acting as Joker i.e. you feel that a character of Joker does exist in real life.

Do you know that the character of Joker is considered the most terrifying villain? When the first edition of the comic of Batman with the arch villain Joker was introduced by DC comics Wholesale Jerseys China , people just got so scared with the antics of the Joker that they felt that such an imaginary character did exist. Some adults never slept in the room where there was a Batman comic with the Joker as a villain and some people even went to the extent of storing the comic book in the icebox so that the Joker would freeze and die. Just yesterday I watched the trailer of 'Batman 3- The Dark Knight Rises' on one of the channels of my Dish TV Packages and I was keen on the watching the movie when it premieres. The story starts from where it was left, where the cops are on the lookout for Batman for the crimes committed by Harvey Dent. Eight years after that event, Batman returns to Gotham City to face a new enemy, Bane.

One thing is sure that people would expect the film to have a better gripping story than the 'Dark Knight' and a villain that could go toe-to-toe with Batman. Yeah, most of us know that no super villain can be compared to the Joker Wholesale Jerseys , but the one thing that just caught my attention or you could say that fascinated me was the teaser poster which had the villain Bane showing his back and the mask of Batman scattered on the ground with the inquisitive word, "The Legend Ends", making us to think whether it is the end of the series or not. I just hope the film somewhere has the character Joker popping up in between, even though it won't be the same Joker of Ledger.

Mark Bennett - About Author:
Mark is a freelance writer and columnist. He had written a lot of articles on various topics like entertainment, events Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys , music bands, etc. He researches on various topics like movie reviews, latest releases, technology and also various TV packages offered by various service providers like Dish TV Packages.

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