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we have met another terrible glitch in Call of Duty MW

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we have met another terrible glitch in Call of Duty MW

[url=] sell COD CP Points [/url] Every time we find more crazy and incredible bugs and glitches in the online multiplayer mode of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Admittedly some are even funny but others are frequently used by cheats prompting Activision to ban some user accounts and some players to disable crossplay between PS4 Xbox One and PC platforms.

A new exploit in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare allows players to disappear under the map was discovered on Wednesday.

We have met another terrible glitch in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and this time it is a great advantage for those who use it. Far from allowing us to be invincible reviving ourselves after returning a grenade or not storing the experience gained with the losses this error affects the position of the players with respect to the same map.

The glitch was first discovered by Reddit user Trophox while playing[url=] cheap Call of Duty Modern Warfare Points [/url] on the Tavorsk Distrcit map in Ground War. In the clip Trophox walks away after killing an opponent only to be taken out himself by an unseen enemy.

The larger a map the easier it is to hack. It is a fact. And in the case of Tavorsk District the extensive mapping allows cheats to take advantage of all sorts of tactics and practices like this. Apparently a player may be under a patch of grass making it impossible for other players to detect.

Call of Duty Points is the game currency you can use this to purchase premium items including skins weapons crates operators and other items. Except farming you can buy Cheap COD Points Top Up service from

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15 Mei 2020 09:04:12 
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